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workshop topics

restorative immersion Slow down and relax: Treat yourself to two hours of delicious peace & nurturing. Long-held supported postures complemented with gentle pranayama and meditation allow body, mind and spirit to deeply relax, reversing the long-term effects of stress, illness, injury and the wear & tear of daily life. I add hands-on bodywork, soothing aromatherapy and mantra chanting for extra relaxation and bliss. Spots are limited to ensure individual attention; advance registration is very strongly suggested. New to Restorative yoga? Read more about it here.

building home practice Whether you have 20 minutes or two hours, learn how to integrate yoga into your daily life. Basic principles of alignment, sequencing and energetic principles to help you find simple, safe options for home practice. This workshop includes lecture, light asana and meditation, and a sample sequence to take home.

pranayama: art & science of the breath Breath is life.  Pranayama is the science of breath practice: understanding and dancing with the breath to bring greater balance, vitality and prana (life force) into our bodies and daily living.  Simple breath practice is the foundation of mindfulness, meditation, stress reduction and inner transformation.  Learn the basics of the tantric and energetic maps of the body (Samkhya philosophy); how breath unites mind, body and spirit; and learn simple techniques you can practice at home for greater peace, energy and clarity everyday.  This workshop will include lecture, guided breath practice, and simple asana and meditation. 

sweat & samadhi: vinyasa & restorative Heat up with a juicy vinyasa flow practice and then cool down deeply with Restorative relaxation. Active, flowing practice detoxifies breath and body, preparing muscles, joints and mind to release stress and tension at deeper levels. As always, Restorative practice includes my special blend of bodywork & hands-on adjustments; aromatherapy; and live mantra chanting to bring mind, body and spirit into peacefulness and bliss.

introduction to meditation Meditation is both mysterious and practical; a deeply spiritual practice or a straightforward means to reduce stress and fatigue – - or both at once! Learn the hows, whys and whats of practice from its remarkable health benefits, to the wide range of methods and their effects, to simple techniques you can practice every day for greater clarity, energy and peace. All levels welcome: Lecture, guided meditation and light asana.

yoga and ayurveda The ancient Indian life science (ayur, longevity / long life + veda, science) holds keys to self-knowledge, health, peace and balance by helping us understand our essential nature and how our daily choices affect us. Learn to understand your prakriti, your innate natural blend of the 5 elements, and how they are expressed through your body, breath and intellect; and how we can use our life choices, from diet and asana to work and play, to restore our sense of balance, health and ease every day. All levels welcome: Lecture, asana, pranayama and meditation.

chakras: map of the inner world What are the chakras, and what can we learn from them? Connecting body, mind and spirit, the chakra system provides an in-depth “map” to all levels of the self, from the balance of elements, hormones and postural habits in your body, to your emotional strengths and weaknesses, to how to use asana, mantra and meditation to bring yourself into greater balance and freedom. While there are thousands of chakras, or “energy wheels”, we will focus on the primary seven centers and their relationship to mood, energy, physical posture, physiological health and emotional balance.

new year’s samkalpha workshop Start your New Year off right with this special practice! Why do some resolutions fail despite our best intentions? Why do we continue to perpetuate old habits even when we want to do things differently? Ideas in our conscious minds are not enough: Deep change comes only when our intentions are firmly rooted at all levels of the mind, body and spirit. Samkalpha is the act of planting intentions deeply so they can come into full flower throughout the year. In this special asana and meditation practice, discover and root your deepest intentions for the new year at all levels of your being.

partner yoga This incredibly fun workshop will leave you feeling supported, stretched and joyous. Whether it’s with a friend, a romantic partner or a fellow yogi in class, partner work opens new horizons not only in your body but in mind and heart, fostering a deeper connection to the poses as well as improved communication, compassion and trust. From active partner poses to gentle restorative work and basic hands-on adjustments, you’ll practice and learn a simple sequence you can do anytime.

yoga & voice Use your body to free your voice, your voice to free your body and mind. Whether you’re a singer or performer, a fan of chanting or asana, or feel like you’ve never “found your voice”, this workshop will transform your relationship with your own organic sound. Discover the peace, power, freedom and fun that comes from liberating and uniting body and voice. This wonderful practice has become a perennial favorite! Active and restorative asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting. 25 EUR advance; 30 EUR day of. All levels welcome. Space is limited; advance registration is recommended.


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