restorative yoga

The hustle and bustle of holidays, work and daily life can wear us out, placing strain on body and spirit alike. Let go of layers of stress, release tension from achy muscles and joints, relax deeply and come back to a place of inner calm, quiet, and peace. Gentle vinyasa warm-up practice to remove vrittis (impurities) followed by soothing Restorative practice, pranayama and meditation lets us experience our true clarity and bliss (samadhi). Deeply delicious!

20€ advance / 25€ day of. To insure maximum personal attention, workshop size is limited. Advance registration is very strongly suggested! Email me to reserve your spot.

what is restorative yoga?
Restorative Yoga is “passive yoga” where the body is completely supported through a series of long-held postures, using props and gravity. In my teaching, I add yummy extras like guided visualization; gentle hands-on bodywork; aromatherapy; and live chanting to make this a delicious experience inside and out!

how does it work? Physiologically, Restorative practice invokes the “Relaxation Response”, a name for the cascade of beneficial physical changes that takes place when our system shifts out of our usual “stress response.” The long-term effects of daily stress and the active modern lifestyle include increased wear and tear on joints and muscle fibers, strain on the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, decreased clarity of thought and sensory perception and reduced dietary and hormonal functioning. The Relaxation Response reverses these habits. As the body shifts into deep rest and surrender, brain and heart rates slow; blood pressure, muscle tension and density decrease; adrenalin, cortisol and other stress hormone levels are reduced; oxygen efficiency, lymph and stable blood flow increase. Mindful restorative / relaxation practices have been shown to be more effective than regular sleep, medication or active practice for reversing chronic problems such as anxiety, hormone imbalance, chronic pain management, insomnia, unexplained infertility and more. In addition to these overall benefits, each restorative pose has its own particular impact, depending on its interaction with the body.

how I teach Restorative The different lineages of yoga practice offer many approaches to Restorative. Influenced by my ISHTA background, I engage the relaxation response through the senses and the mind, adding Tantric extras like guided visualization, hands-on bodywork and energy work, aromatherapy, and lots of my signature bhakti chanting.

why do restorative yoga?
It’s incredibly healing for all levels of your system: physical, mental, emotional.
As a form of mindful meditation, it can lead to new connections and awareness in the mind and spirit.
It’s a great complement to active practice or a support to a system recovering from stress, illness or injury.
It’s totally nourishing and delicious!