private yoga lessons

The studio yoga class is a very recent invention! For thousands of years, yoga was transmitted teacher to student on a one-to-one, personalized level. Today, private yoga study continues this tradition.

what is a private yoga lesson?
Individual private lessons are one-on-one sessions with me, custom-tailored to your ability, fitness level and goals for your practice.
Semi-private group lessons are small group classes arranged for a group of friends or co-workers, tailored to your group’s needs.

why do private yoga?
Private sessions are convenient: Appointments are scheduled directly with me to suit your schedule and location
Private sessions are personalized: Designed just for you to meet your needs! Private study offers you full individualized personal attention and flexibility
Private sessions are fun and nurturing: Give as a gift to yourself or a friend, bond with a group or celebrate a special occasion! (bridal parties, birthdays, etc)

Private sessions are especially ideal for:
• Individual students with busy schedules
• Communities wishing to practice together (friends, organizations, co-workers)
• Students with special needs (injuries / illness, prenatal practice, etc)
• New practitioners

how does it work?
I schedule appointments based on our mutual availability, at a time that will best suit your schedule. I can come to your home or office, or arrange for studio space in a convenient location for you.
Sessions are 60-75 minutes, unless otherwise agreed.
You supply yoga mats and basic props, or rent or buy them from me at low cost.

what does it cost?
Standard rates begin at 70 € (travel time in central Berlin inclusive). When needed, I offer a sliding scale calibrated for: Single students / number of students in the group; Independent / corporate booking; Ability to pay

how do i start?
Email me to inquire about rates and appointments!