The ISHTA Yoga Bridge Program in Berlin

The Bridge Program is a 30-hour series of lectures designed to introduce the committed and curious yoga practitioner, or teachers from other yoga lineages and styles, to the fundamental pillars of ISHTA Yoga philosophy, practice and technique, including:

  • Introduction to ISHTA
  • ISHTA Tantric Philosophy Overview
  • Energetic and Subtle Body Anatomy, Chakras, Nadis and Kriyas
  • ISHTA Pranayama and Meditation: Essential Tantric tools
  • Health Benefits of Meditation
  • The ISHTA approach to asana alignment and sequencing
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Introduction to Essential Oils

Serious students may attend to deepen their own practice; teachers may join to incorporate ISHTA knowledge into their teaching, or as a prerequisite to the ISHTA 300-hour advanced teacher training program.

The next training cycle begins in October 2016. Click here for a current full schedule of lectures with pricing and attendance information. Have more questions, or ready to sign up? Just email me.

If you’re interested in deeper training or study, please consider the 200- or 300-hour ISHTA Teacher Trainings with me in Berlin! Next cycle begins Fall 2016.